Meet Jim.

Jim is a good, good guy.

Jim is at a celebration he was invited to. He spots a girl who is standing by herself at the celebration. She also spots Jim. She smiles at him and begins strolling in the direction of him. Jim starts to feel to himself, “Oh my God! She is so ‘hot’! I cannot think she is coming over right here to speak to me! If only I could bear in mind that awesome ‘pick-up line’ that I read through about someplace.”

She continues to smile as she walks in the direction of him and just as she reaches him, she reaches out her hand to shake Jim’s hand and says in a really pleasant voice, “Hi there. How are you? My identify is Kelly. What is your identify?”

Jim tries to keep in mind his title whilst shaking her hand! He eventually remembers it and then replies in a nervous, minimal voice, “Oh ..yeah…Jim.”
Jim is now feeling really nervous simply because he just can’t keep in mind ‘the world’s biggest select-up line’ he read through about someplace. He is particular that specific select-up line would operate on ANY woman!

“Good to meet you Jim,” Kelly replies in a pleasant voice.

Jim is now thinking to himself, “She looks quite great and friendly, but she is so ‘hot’! She would in no way go out on a date with me! Why cannot I remember that amazing select-up line?”

An awkward silence develops but Kelly nevertheless continues to search at Jim and smile at him. By now, Jim is so nervous. All he can believe to say is, “Effectively,…see you later on,” as he walks away from Kelly. Jim ends up leaving the celebration feeling annoyed at himself due to the fact he could not bear in mind ‘the world’s greatest select-up line’ to use on Kelly.

Can any of you relate to Jim?

Sadly for Jim, he is unaware of his Real problem. His issue is not that he forgot this kind of an great ‘pick-up line’. Jim’s issue has practically nothing at all to do with ANY select-up line! Jim’s dilemma is his MINDSET when it comes to ladies he finds physically appealing. In Jim’s thoughts, HE has place ‘hot’ females effectively out of his attain. No wonder he feels he Demands choose-up lines!

Jim has convinced himself that ‘hot’ ladies won’t go out on a date with him. He believes they are completely out of his attain. The irony is that he also believes the ‘pick-up line’ will aid him get the ‘hot’ girl! Jim seems to be baffled! He believes ‘hot’ women will go on a date with him but he also believes ‘hot’ females Won’t go out on a date with him! No wonder he is frustrated!

Jim’s mindset wants to modify 1st. Then he will realize that he does not Require choose-up lines, not even ‘the world’s biggest select-up line!’

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