When it comes to safe intercourse, most guys feel they can just “roll it on and go,” but the truth of the matter is, there is far more to safe and appropriate condom use than just sliding a single on. In truth, improper condom use can really increase the risk of undesired pregnancy and transmission of sexually transmitted illnesses. Examine out these basic and simple do’s and don’ts for making use of and storing condoms to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety. Right after all, a man can never be also cautious about keeping a wholesome penis!

Condom Do’s & Don’ts

1.Do open the condom cautiously making use of the effortless-tear edges (the zig-zag side).
Never use scissors or teeth to rip open the package deal, as this could tear the condom.
2.Do keep condoms in a temperature-controlled, dry place.
Will not leave condoms in the glove box or bathroom in which intense temperature and humidity can damage the latex.
three.Never carry condoms close to in a wallet as the pressure and folding on the condom can injury it.
Do examine the expiration date just before use and discard any that are expired.
four.Will not ever reuse condoms – even if they appear as though no bodily fluid is in them. When the sexual activity is more than, discard the utilized condom in the trash can.
Do modify condoms if switching among diverse kinds of sexual exercise (i.e. from vaginal to anal sex) to avert infection and the spread of E. coli.
5.Do use condoms throughout oral intercourse, as specific infections can be passed from the penis to the mouth and vice versa.
Will not use condoms that do not fit properly. Condoms that are too loose or too tight can tear or slip off within a spouse. If the dimension is incorrect, buy a diverse brand and size.
six.Never try to place a condom on a flaccid penis, as it is most likely to fall off or fit improperly.
Do make certain there are no baggy or loose spots on the condom, smooth out any air bubbles to make certain a appropriate fit.
7.Do not apply an oil- or petroleum-primarily based lubricant to a latex condom, as it can compromise the materials.
Do pick a water or silicon-based lubricant, which is safe to use with latex condoms.
8.Do get rid of condom quickly after intercourse and discard.
Don’t allow the penis to grow to be flaccid ahead of withdrawal from one’s spouse, as the condom may possibly accidentally fall off inside.
9.Do use a condom in the course of every and each and every sexual experience.
Don’t skip the condom, ever, for any reason, except in a committed, monogamous romantic relationship.

Other safe intercourse ideas:

*Check which way the condom unrolls before attempting to location it on the penis. Attempting to unroll it incorrectly can trigger a rip to type, in which case the condom requirements to be discarded. If the condom is placed on the penis inside out at first, it ought to also be discarded as “pre-cum” may have gotten on that portion of the condom. Just turning the condom about may enhance the chance of pregnancy.
*A small drop of lube positioned within the condom tip can make it easier to apply above an uncircumcised penis and minimize the possibility of tearing. Only use a small sum, so that the reservoir still has space to catch semen, and only use the suitable sort of lube primarily based on the kind of condom.
*When placing the condom on, pinch the tip of the condom shut to eradicate the air pocket prior to very carefully rolling it down over the erect penis.
*If one or each partners has a latex allergy, attempt polyurethane condoms alternatively.
*One particular can usually get condoms a hundred% totally free of charge at regional wellness clinics, so the value of acquiring condoms ought to never be a element for not utilizing them.
*To sustain correct hygiene and prevent bacterial infections, it is always a excellent idea to hop in the shower after intercourse. The blend of entire body fluids and lubricant can also result in itching, irritation and odor. Soon after acquiring out of the shower, apply a penis overall health cream (overall health experts advocate Man one Man Oil) containing vitamin A to hold bacteria at bay and preserve the penis fresh and clean.

Go to www.man1health.com for far more information about treating widespread penis well being issues, like soreness, redness and loss of penis sensation. John Dugan is a professional author who specializes in men’s overall health troubles and is an ongoing contributing writer to many on the web world wide web internet sites.

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